A batucada da Nene de Vila Matilde : formação e transformação de uma bateria de escola de samba paulistana / Batucada of Nene de Vila Matilde : appearing and developing of a bateria de escola de samba of São Paulo, Brazil




The percussion band (bateria) of a samba school is the group responsible for the rhythm-musical development of this type of carnival community. To a certain extent, it contributes for the definition of the school identity, driving the parade on by playing rhythm patterns executed by sets of ten percussion instruments, associated in different groups. Moreover, it is constituted in a privileged space of interaction and socialization of its members. This work is a study of the percussion band of Nenê de Vila Matilde samba school, created in 1949 by a group of friends from the east zone of São Paulo, led by Alberto Alves da Silva, who later would loan his nickname to the carnival institution. It is possible to affirm that the pathway of the school was marked, on the one hand, by the incorporation of organizational elements, aesthetic and musical of the cordons (cordões) from São Paulo’s carnival and, on the other hand, by the influences of Rio de Janeiro’s pattern of samba school. Through the historical study of the carnival in São Paulo, ethnographic approach of the school and musical analyses of rhythm standards of Nenê’s percussion band, the work intends to demonstrate how these influences have changed the musical making process of this group. The process of São Paulo’s carnival changing dialogues directly with the new arrangements assumed by Nenê de Vila Matilde’s percussion band in the last decades, which takes part on this process in an active way, through the introduction of typical elements from Rio de Janeiro’s groups and the fusion of these with characteristics of the samba and the carnival from São Paulo.


escolas de samba - baterias battery of the samba school carnival ethnomusicology samba percussion escolas de samba - são paulo (sp)

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