A arte/educação no ensino médio: um estudo sobre a utilização das novas mídias


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The art/education serves as an important instrument of formal education and provides means and methods for achieving the ideal of interdisciplinary (or transdisciplinary). In this work, we try to point the relevance of art education in high school for the formation of a social consciousness, responsible for a transformation. The student and art/educator are in permanent contact with the body drawing his social information relevant to the reconstruction of the artistic work and providing knowledge of the art. Sought, thus establishing the relationship between new media and school and thus revisit the parameters of art education and assist in planning a study that has, in the Visual Arts, its axis. In short, a reflection on the complexity of teaching and learning in Art and relevance of the training of art educators to form a cultural awareness in Brazil. The new media may be used to carry out artistic activities in high school, giving the student a more efficient learning, caring and consistent with the realities


interdisciplinaridade novas mídias ensino-aprendizagem art/education interdisciplinary new media ensino médio arte e educação

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