Estudo comparativo bio-psico-social do adolescente em cumprimento de medida sócio-educativa na cidade de Goiânia-GO / Comparative study bio-social-psico of the adolescent in measure fulfillment educative-partner in the city of Goiânia - GO




The present research aimed to realize a systematic study on the factors that influence an adolescents commitment to realize infraction. The collection of data on the risk factors related to the practice of infractions was carried out through a psychodiagnostic applied to 64 subjects of the masculine sex with an age range from 16 to 17 years and 11 months and subdivided in two groups. One group was made up of 34 subjects that were interned to complete socio-educative measures and 30 men from public schools. The investigated areas were: socio-demographics, alcohol and drug dependency and cognitive profile. Regarding the socio-demographic profile the fragility of the education system was indicated in that the results for both groups were substantially lower than predicted. In the social classification the difference between the groups was that the at risk adolescents belong to a lower class. Regarding drugs the at risk adolescents do use them more intensively. For the cognitive profile the groups are similar.


educational status family practice cognition adolescência cognição escolaridade família fatores de risco adolescence substance-related disorders risk factors transtornos relacionados ao uso de substâncias

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