Avaliação do programa nacional de alimentação escolar em âmbito municipal:subsídios para o desenvolvimento de uma metodologia. / School lunch programs in Latin America: subsidies for cross examination of experiences.




Latin America, despite a socio-economic transition, still shows high levels of concentrated poverty and hunger. This increases inequality and its consequences on elementary school students. This article develops a dialogue between the different structures of the School Lunch Program in some Latin American countries. The objective is to contribute to a deepening of the issues involving the school feeding as a human right. Six Countries were selected for the sample taking into account some criteria (Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Panama and Uruguay), considering the Human Development Index (HDI), the engagement of these countries in the area of school feeding and the availability of official information and scientific studies in the area. Research strategy adopted articulated documental revision at governmental and nongovernmental websites and at scientific bases. The following categories were considered in the analysis of programs: 1.goals; 2.beneficiaries, 3.type of coverage; 4.type of benefit; 5.model of management and participation and social control; 6.evaluation systems implementation. The results shows that the programs are similar in the objectives aimed to meet the nutritional needs of students, encouraging the promotion of eating habits and reducing the drop out of school. The coverage generally focuses students at social risk. Only Brazil formalizes the participation and social control of School Lunch Program through the Board of School Lunch. In most situations considered the programs are centralized managed by the ministry of education. Only Brazil and Mexico adopted the decentralization model. Finally, the results of this analysis reveals that the programs are still lacking in mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation this process and outcomes. The improvement in this area is important so that the programs can add to ensure the school feeding as a universal right.


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