A higiene escolar em Pernambuco: espaços de construção e os discursos elaborados / Hygiene education in Pernambuco: the spaces of the building and prepared speeches




This research was devoted to the identification of areas of construction and speeches prepared for school hygiene in Pernambuco. Especially propose to investigate the genesis and consolidation of school discipline in the primary education at three different times, and speeches prepared by the books nominated for the teaching of the subject, seeking to assess the similarities and differences in curriculum content. The first milestone is 1875, representing the year of introduction of field hygiene in the curriculum, is the second time in 1904, considered the year of consolidation of education reforms that began in 1896. The march end or peak of health education in the First Republic is the year 1928, when he reform Antônio Carneiro Leão. For this study searching for different documents from the public sphere, journals, autobiographical books, anaes and textbooks listed for use in schools. At the end of the study it was observed that, in its genesis, the area of construction of the speech for school hygiene, in Pernambuco, was the education and intellectual mentor Inspector John Barbalho Uchoa Cavalcanti. That same year the discipline Hygiene and notions of agriculture was added to the curriculum. A set of textbooks for their teaching was "The Book of the People" (O Livro do Povo) which also served as a program for the discipline. The content on hygiene is all organized in a literary style that the author calls "rhymed proverbs" and "Highest and sentences. The speech follows the model proposed by Jean-Noël Hallé (1798). In the second instance, the teaching of hygiene was maintained, as regards content of the Concepts of Natural Sciences, where he studied Definition and importance of hygiene. This period indicated, among others, the First and Second Book of Reading, of Felisberto de Carvalho and the book Lessons from Things, of Saffray. The textbooks have different speeches on the subject of hygiene. In both periods, the curriculum was encyclopedic in order to form a student of mind and body healthy. In 1928, years of education reform Antônio Carneiro Leão, hygiene education was widely preferred. The matter gained autonomy and received the item of Hygiene. By the fourth year met the assumptions of Halle. From the 5th year the eugenic discourse prevailed. Indicated the books Series Braga - Reading I, Reading II and III Reading. The textbook was reviewed and the Second Reading speech has met the curricular content. Keywords: Discipline school - History of education - Textbooks - Curriculum - Hygiene.


currículo higiene curriculum textbooks hygiene disciplina escolar livro didático school discipline history of education história da educação

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