Os espaços convencionais e alternativos de leitura.




Conventional and Alternative spaces of Lecture approach the subject of lecture and its environments. This text presents a study about the information access, arguing the matter of information and knowledge dissemination, the functions of the public library and the civic networks of lecture nowadays. Also aproaches the information and knowledge acchivement by th less privileged ones througth the use of the public spaces of lecture. Throughout an exploratory study, the position of the public library is investigated, as being a conventional space of lecture and why it is not working as it was suppose to be its primordial objectives: work in order to create a new reader-public througth cultural action and instead of promoting the lecture practivies, it attends the demand of stutends and school research precisely. On the other side, there are the Alternative Spaces of Lecture ASLs, wich emergeare inside the communities to fullfill the need and the void of public libraries. Their organization and structure is based on the civic or solidary network. The results register the mapping of existing the Alternative Spaces of Lecture in the city of Salvador and its features, registering the existence of 11 physical spaces and a virtual network-based one (nonphysical).


disseminação da informação lecture public library bibliotecas públicas espaços de leitura information dissemination ciencia da informacao leitura lecture spaces

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