Thermoplastic elastomers blends based on linear low density polyethylene, ethylene-1-octene copolymers and ground rubber tire

Blends of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) ethylene-1-octene copolymers (EOC), with different 1-octene (OC) content, and ground rubber tire (GRT) were prepared by melt mixing in a twin screw extruder. Five different compositions of LLDPE/EOC/GRT blends were processed in the extruder to evaluate the effect of EOC addition to the LLDPE/GRT blends. The addition of EOC to LLDPE/GRT blends improves the mechanical properties. Besides, the replacement of 5% of GRT by EOC grades (OC = 20 or 30 wt %) in the 50/50 LLDPE/GRT blend, leads to a significant increase of ultimate tensile properties. Th...

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