Synthesis and Characterization of Polydimethylsiloxane end-Modified Polystyrene from Poly(Styrene – co –Vinyltriethoxysilane) Copolymers

In this paper, we report the synthesis of polystyrene end- capped with three- short- arm PDMS (PS-(PDMS)3) using poly(styrene – co–vinyltriethoxysilane) copolymers as precursors. These materials were obtained in a two-step process; first, two random copolymers of poly(St –co – VTES) having different molecular weight, and vinyltriethoxysilane content were prepared via free radical polymerization. The materials thus obtained, were treated with an excess of dimethyldimethoxysilane to produce PS-(PDMS)3 by co-condensation of alkoxysilane groups. The formation of the copolymers was confirme...

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