Mycale (Aegogropila) kolletae sp. n. from the SE Atlantic, with comments on the species of Mycale Gray with raphidotoxas (Mycalidae, Demospongiae, Porifera)

A new species of Mycale Gray, 1867 bearing raphidotoxas is described from the Namibian coast (SE Atlantic). Mycale (Aegogropila) kolletae sp. n. is characterized by having raphidotoxas up to 590 µm long, three distinct categories of anisochelae, two categories of sigmas, very small raphides, and most of all, by toxas serrated in an unusual pattern (on the inner parts of all three bends). Mycale magnirhaphidifera Van Soest, 1984 is redescribed from the Brazilian coast, based on a population from the northern São Paulo State coastline. The remaining two species with raphidotoxas, viz. Mycale r...

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