Long-term bonding efficacy of adhesives containing benzodioxioles as alternative co-initiators

Abstract This study evaluated the three-year lifespan of the bond to dentin of experimental self-etch adhesives containing benzodioxole derivatives – 1,3-benzodioxole (BDO) and piperonyl alcohol (PA) – as co-initiator alternative to amines. Adhesive resins were formulated using Bis-GMA, TEGDMA, HEMA, camphorquinone and different co-initiators: BDO, PA or ethyl 4-dimethylamino benzoate (EDAB – amine). An experimental self-etch primer was used to complete the two-step, self-etch adhesive system. Clearfil SE Bond (CSE) was used as commercial reference. Bond strength to human dentin was asse...

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