Effects of Lactobacillus buchneri inoculation or 1-propanol supplementation to corn silage on the performance of lactating Holstein cows

ABSTRACT The objective was to evaluate the effects of corn silage supplemented with 1-propanol or inoculated with L. buchneri on the ruminal fermentation profile, digestibility, and production traits of lactating Holstein cows. Whole-corn plants were harvested at 350 g/kg dry matter (DM) and packed in nine bag silos (13 t/silo). At ensiling, two treatments were applied: control (no additive; six silos) and L. buchneri inoculation with 1 × 105 cfu/g (three silos). Feeding started after 247 days of storage; one L. buchneri and two control silos were opened in each experimental period. Twenty-on...

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