Effects of different storage conditions on the oxidative stability of crude and refined palm oil, olein and stearin (Elaeis guineensis)

Abstract Crude palm oil (CPO), refined palm oil (RPO), refined palm olein (RPOL) and refined palm stearin (RPS) were stored in three conditions: kept away in dark (at 20-25 °C, acclimatized environment); in a refrigerator (4-8 °C); and at room temperature (26-32 °C), exposed to natural light. Free fatty acids (FFA; %), peroxide value (meq O2/kg), induction period (h), total carotenoids (ppm) and color measurements (CIELab) were analyzed to determine stability of oils every months until 12 months. All of the crude/refined initial oils were of good quality, except for one sample of CPO. Stor...

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