Cultura escolar e as práticas de leitura




The objective of the present study is to investigate reading practises in a public school called Instituto de Educação do Paraná Professor Erasmo Pilotto using a theoretical and historical perspective. That perspective uses a daily observation, teachers and students statements from Ensino Médio e Formação de docentes da Educação Infantil e Anos Iniciais do Ensino Fundamental besides the scholar research fountains like The Political Pedagogical Plan and the Regiment of Erasmo Pilottos Library. The study makes an investigation about ourdays reading practices and old days practices. By other side, this study tries to describe the real reading practices today, the curricular plan, teachers conceptions of reading and the ideas behind their behavior, in a particular school named before. Finally the work shows the scholar culture and the education conceptions found in the investigation. The study has considered the theory support of Bakhtin (1997), Chang (1996), Chartier (1990), Faraco (2003), Gnerre (1985), Ludke and André (1996), Martins (1992), Silva (1995), Vidal (2001) and Yunes (2003).The researcher was able to study that particular school because was acting as a teacher and used to study there in the past. The present study aimed to a very frequentely kind of reading like a passive object that uses literature as a way to transmit information, moral rules and grammar. Theres other way to see the reading that sees the text like an opened object although the reader doesnt learn anything. Words and their meanings can change from a moment to another, in a certain context, because there is a material contradiction in the social field, where so many kinds of discourses are living toghether. We undestand thats important for to the teacher to know a big variety of languages to became a link reading to the students.


educação educacao ensino superior professores antropologia educacional leitura prática de ensino

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