Atividades lúdicas no Ensino Fundamental: uma intervenção pedagógica. / Playful activities in elementary school: A pedagogical intervention.




This dissertation is related to the research line called Pedagogical practices and their relations with teacher training of the Masters Program in Education of the Dom Bosco Catholic University. The research project general goal was to investigate the possibilities of carrying out playful activities as a contribution to the teaching and learning process with first graders in elementary education at a public school in Campo Grande, state of Mato Grosso do Sul. It had the following specific goals: a) to analyze the use of playful activities with a class of first graders in elementary school; b) to identify the teachers view of the use of playful activities in elementary school; c) to observe the childrens interest during the games proposed by the researcher. The research project methodology was of a qualitative nature and was based on interventions made by the researcher. Its instruments were observations and interventions made in the classroom as well as conversations and an interview with the teacher. After the period of observation the researcher played games with the children on nine days in order to contribute to the development of their learning process. The dissertations main theoretical references are the reflections of authors such as Heller, Vygotsky, Duarte, Leontiev, Walton, Winnicott and Antunes, among others. One of its conclusions is that the first graders of the researched school participated with enthusiasm in the playful activities developed during the period of intervention. In general they showed an improvement in their learning process, particularly in terms of their concentration during the tasks carried out.


pedagogical practices ensino fundamental. atividades lúdicas práticas pedagógicas elementary school. educacao playful activities

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