"ZrO2/g-Al2O3-supported platinum catalysts for the steam reforming of ethanol" / "Catalisadores de platina suportados em ZrO2/g-Al2O3 para a reação de reforma a vapor de etanol"




In this work catalysts of platinum supported on g-alumina (g-Al2O3), oxide of zirconium (ZrO2) and mixed oxide of zirconium and g-alumina had been prepared and characterized. The bi-component supports containing ( 15%) ZrO2/g-Al2O3 had been prepared by two different methods : in the first, an acid suspension of comercial oxide of zirconium was used and in the second, oxide of zirconium was precipitated from acetate. The catalysts were tested in ethanol steam reforming reaction to verify the effect of the support on the distribution of the products. For the characterization, the following techniques were used. Superficial specific area (B.E.T,), temperature programmed reduction (TPR.), X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) and spectroscopy of molecular absorption in the UV-vis, for identification of [PtOxCly]s 2- species. The ethanol conversion and product distribution were different for each support tested and for different time of contact (W/F) used. The catalyst (1%) Pt/g-Al2O3 presented the best selectivity for the hydrogen production and the lower conversion for ethanol. The catalysts with bi-component support (15%) ZrO2/ g-Al2O3 and pure ZrO2 presented high ethanol conversion and lower selectivity for hydrogen production with high selectivity and formation of bio-products.


platinum catalyst zro2/g-al2o3 support ethanol steam reforming catalisador de platina reforma a vapor de etanol

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