Yield responses of 12 okra cultivars to southern root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita)






ABSTRACT Meloidogyne incognita is one of the most widespread and damaging plant-parasitic nematodes throughout the world and substantially affects growth and yield of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L). In the present study, effects of M. incognita on yield parameters of 12 okra cultivars with varying levels of resistance or susceptibility were assessed. M. incognita caused significant reductions in yield parameters of okra plants of all the cultivars. Maximum reduction of 34.1% in yield was observed in highly susceptible (HS) cultivar Sharmeeli. The nematode caused 20 and 17.6% reductions in yields in susceptible (S) cultivars Okra Sindha and Anmol, respectively. Moderately susceptible (MS) cultivars suffered 5.9 to 12.9% reductions in yields. In case of moderately resistant (MR) cultivars (Sanam, Dikshah, Arka Anamika, Ikra-1 and Ikra-2), the reductions in yields were the minimum and ranged from 2.9 to 6.5%. The reductions in other yield parameters of okra cultivars were observed in the order HS > S > MS > MR. As the MR cultivars suffered less damage by the nematode, they are recommended for cultivation in fields heavily infested with M. incognita.

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