Vortioxetine-induced nausea and its treatment: a case report


Arch. Clin. Psychiatry (São Paulo)




Abstract Background: Thoughts about suicide are quite common in adolescent. While such thoughts can be caused by many reasons, the most well-known of these are mood disorders. There are studies related to coexistence of thyroid pathologies and mood disorders in adult. Objectives: In this study, we aimed to investigate the difference of thyroid hormone levels in between adolescents with suicide attempt history and normal population. Methods: The study was prospective and was designed as a case-control study. Demographic characteristics of the patients were obtained and Serum fT3, fT4 and TSH levels were examined. Results: 222 cases were included in the study, including 101 cases and 121 controls. As for TSH levels, the mean serum levels of the whole group was 1.96 ± 1.08 mU/L, while the mean serum levels of the control group was 2.33 ± 1.5 mU/L and the mean serum levels of the case group was 0.50 ± 0.3 mU/L which revealed that the mean serum levels of the case group was significantly lower (p<0.01). Conclusion: It was found that serum TSH levels were significantly lower in case group than control group and the individuals with subclinical hyperthyroidism had more suicide attempts than the ones in control group.

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