Vivência de enfermeiros no cuidado do idoso moribundo hospitalizado -a perspectiva fenomenológica / The experience of nurses caring for hospitalized elderly dying patients - a phenomenological perspective




The restlessness for studying this theme, and learn about the meanings that nurses assign to caring for dying older patients, aroused from personal experiences. My restlessness increased with professional practice, and I noticed that the majority of the staff who cared for older, terminal patients were auxiliary nurses, with no specific training for this particular health care practice. Hence, when I ran across the opportunity to enter the nursing doctorate program, this restlessness, which had been present for many years, emerged once again: What does it mean, for nurses, to care for older individuals, as they face death, in the hospital environment? Therefore, the purpose was to permit that their experiences, reported both verbally and non-verbally, could bring me closer to the world they inhabit in the hospitals, and learn about the meanings that they assign to this experience. That way, I would be able to propose a new thought concerning this care. This study used a qualitative approach, pertinent to the very specific issues of an object whose nature cannot be quantified. The research was developed with nurses working in public hospitals in the city of Celaya, Guanajuato, because they care for the majority of the elderly population. Data collection occurred through 12 interviews, conducted according to the phenomenological approach, based on a guiding question directed to nurses. During the research, I learned that, for the nurses, the experience of caring for the patients involves various aspects like the specificities of the person being cared for, as well as his or her physical, emotional, social, and spiritual characteristics. Nurses also reported that their work was the act of helping the patient to die. However, nurses often seek to, through their work, postpone death, as an impulse to preserve the life of who is dying. This care is provided in a concrete world - usually the hospital - and nurses state that it is a challenge to respect patientsand their familys decisions. Similarly, public health institution policies should be reviewed so as to permit relatives to stay close to terminal patients, since it is their right to die in the company of their loved ones, as a way of having a dignified death. It has been more and more recognized that his care is a nursing specialty that requires specific professional knowledge and skills, besides a particular professional career structure.


phenomenology vivência de enfermeiros idoso moribundo hospitalizado experience of nurses fenomenologia hospitalized elderly dying patients

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