Violência Conjugal: uma perspectiva da psicologia feminista no enfrentamento às situações de violência contra mulheres




This study shows how a series of factors corroborate for the continuance of women in violent relationships, especially, due to the influence of a patriarchal culture, capable of maintaining an unequal economy of status between genders. This research was guided by feminist thinkers, authors in the field of gender, and the analysis of Michel Foucault and Rita Segato. The methodology adopted was qualitative feminist research and the narrative approach of Michael White, the basis of the interaction, in an ethical and engaged manner, with the contribution of six women who participated in the research. The results show that moral violence legitimates violence and impedes countless battered women of recognizing such violence, naturalizing oppressive situations and becoming less empowered in face of situations of aggression and intimidation. The study developed throughout this master thesis shows that the lack of attention given to the public sphere and the recurrent focus in intimacy act as two mechanisms that contribute towards the privatization of the intimate sphere and the submission of countless women to the private world.


violência conjugal psicologia feminista gender psicologia domestic violence feminist psychology gênero

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