ViolÃncia de gÃnero intrafamiliar nos juizados especiais criminais




Gender violence inside home is a global phenomenon that calls attention of professional and scholars from health and law sciences. in the means of coming up with adequate and efficient solutions to this problem, with serious consequences exceeds domestic boundaries and reflects on the school efficiency of the children who experiences this violence; on the assiduity and productivity of the work of women who suffer the violence; on the dissemination of violence culture in the whole society with a gender discrimination; among other consequences. The Brazilian penal judicial system is in accordance with the International Human Rights legislation, but it has not been enough to prevent and punish the gender violence inside homes, basically because this legislation tries to defend the aggressorâs rights, based on the constitutional guarantees and on the âminimum penal lawâ, avoiding his incarceration. On the other hand, there are the victimsâ rights and they see themselves obligated to live in sheltering homes in order to survive. The promulgation of a specific law that could offer adequate resources to judgments in a trial that could end this kind of crime, with an interdisciplinary team, would be a great evolution. However, this goal will only be reached if there is a change in judgeâs minds, by the sensitization and the qualification of the professionals on gender and, essentially, on victims rights issues.


equipe multidisciplinar direito capacitaÃÃo sensibilizaÃÃo direitos humanos violÃncia familiar; direitos humanos; vitimologia; impunidade gÃnero sensatization multidisciplinar team gender, human rights brazilian judicial system violence victim rights direitos das vÃtimas sistema jurÃdico penal brasileiro intrafamiliar violÃncia

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