Vigas de concreto armadas com bambu




The use of the bamboo as armature in reinforced concrete beams can make rural constructions feasible because it is a low cost construction material and it is easily obtained in the rural areas. That s why, the objective of this work was to present solutions to the principal problems of using the bamboo as armature in concrete structural elements, that are: dimension model and its adherence to the concrete. To accomplish this experiment, six reinforced concrete beams were constructed with bamboo strips form the specie Oendrocalamus giganteus (Giant bamboo) with variations of armature rate and length of the bamboo strips. Before constructing the beams, three adherence techniques were tested. The results indicated that the best adherence method tested was the varnish with rings of wire. Then, the results obtained from the analyzed beams showed that the proposed theoretical procedures can be used in the dimensioning of reinforced concrete beams with bamboo armature


bambu concreto vigas

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