Ventilação natural e códigos de obras: uma análise das tipologias de aberturas nos edifícios de escritório em Maceió/AL




In office buildings located on hot humid climate areas, the architectonical typology could improve the regional winds entrance and minimize the energy consumption. The increase of ventilation inside the rooms depends on the architectonical typology adopted and the specifications related on the rooms openings. The rooms openings allow or make difficult to distribute the air flow inside the places, either being responsible by the rain protection, noises and excessive solar radiation. Thus, the openings design must be considered, otherwise it will endanger the comfort condition inside an ascertain place. The opening typology influences the ventilation of the rooms offering more or less resistance to the airs flow. The Building Regulation of Maceio of 1985 determines the minimum openings area based on the floors area, as 1/6 for light and 1/12 for ventilation. In this paper the position, orientation or main kinds of ventilation are not mentioned. These items have a straight influence on the air flow determination inside the rooms, as well the users thermal comfort. The aim of this study is to investigate three different kinds of openings in office buildings in Maceio city (sash, top hung and vertical pivot window) with area based on the Building Regulation. Computational simulations where realized with PHOENICS 3.6 software on a typical office building. The opening design is an important aspect in buildings where passive cooling is a bioclimatic strategy. Building Regulation needs to consider this aspect. For the same opening area specified for the Building Regulation the airflow and air velocity inside the office building will be different depends on the opening design. In this case, some coefficients need to be investigating for different opening design. The Building Regulation needs to apply large openings to improve air flow inside the buildings.


openings escritórios esquadrias códigos de obras arquitetura e urbanismo ventilação natural natural ventilation office buildings

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