Vascular growth endothelial factor (VEGF) and microvessel density in human osteosarcomas. / Estudo do fator de crescimento endotelial vascular VEGF e da densidade de microvasos em osteossarcomas humanos.




INTRODUCTION: The role of angiogenesis as a prognostic indicator in cancer has been extensively studied in recent times with several studies demonstrating a positive correlation for various malignant tumours. However, the role of angiogenesis in osteosarcoma remains a topic of debate. AIM : evaluate the significance of intratumoral microvessel density (MVD) and the degree of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression as markers of angiogenesis and correlate with disease outcome. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Pretherapeutic paraffin- embedded biopsies from 50 patients diagnosed high grade central osteosarcoma at our institution with clinicopathological data were studied by immunohistochemical tecnique for VEGF and microvessel density (MVD) determined by CD 34and CD 31expression. VEGF expression and MVD were correlated with clinicopathological factors and patient outcome in terms of metastasis and death. The degree of angiogenesis was assessed, as determined by the microvessel density (MVD). Tumors were considered VEGF positive if immunoexpression was positive in greater than 64,7% ( mean) of the tumor cells. MVD was obtained by microvessels counting 10 high power fields (X400 field) in each biopsy sample. The mean MVD of the entire group was predetermined to classify patients into two groups with high and low MVD.RESULTS: Despite the moderate to high vascularity, there was no significant difference between the MVD and disease outcome factors for both CD 31and CD 34. In terms of VEGF expression, patients with metastases at diagnosis VEGF negative had better overall survival and disease-free survival .CONCLUSION: We were able to demonstrate that osteosarcoma is a relatively vascular tumor and VEGF expression provides prognostic information in osteosarcoma; however, the degree of MVD does not provide prognostic information. Angiogenesis has a potential target for anti-angiogenic therapies.


neoplasias osseas. saude publica osteossarcoma justacortical fator a de crescimento do endotelio vascular

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