Variación en la calidad del agua de riego en un huerto de cítricos


Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental




An experiment was carried out with the objective of evaluating the variation in the water quality in drip irrigation in an orchard of citrus and their consequences on the soil and plants at the farm "El Saladar", located in the population of "Sueca", Valencia, Spain. During the whole season of the study, the water of the A. R. of the Júcar used for citrus irrigation, were sampled from conveyance conduction channel for rice irrigation in order to determine water quality and its variation. Also the drainage water was sampled from observation wells installed in each quadrant of the area of the experiment. Considering the obtained results it can be concluded that the mixture of the drainage water with the water of the Real Canal of the Júcar is classified as C3S1 and, according to the guidelines of the FAO it does not present any degree of use restriction. It is possible to utilize the mixture of good water (EC between 1.18-1.43 dS m-1, SAR and SARº between 1.37-1.81 and 1.74-2.43 (mmol L-1)½, with a doubtful quality water (EC between 3.05-4.21 dS m-1, SAR and SARº between 2.83-4.00 and 3.41-4.84 (mmol L-1)½, during a long time, without having a saline or sodic soil; the mixture of water used in the irrigation of citric fruits did not influence the development of the plant.

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