Vantagem competitiva na indústria de reparos automotivos : abordagem dialógica da visão baseada no mercado (VBM) e da visão baseada no mercado em recursos (VBR)




In the area of strategy, much is discussed about the potential of complementary or antagonism of MBV - Market-based View (Competitive Strategy) and RBV - Resources-based View. However, few studies have addressed the consideration of these perspectives, expanded in a dialogical approach to the principles of Complex Reasoning. This study aims to answer a question on exactly this point: How does dialogical approach influences the understanding of competitive advantage, according to MBV and RBV? In this sense, the study provides a framework in which competitive advantage is understood according to a dialogical approach of MBV and RBV. To that end, there was a case study in two phases, the strategic group of independent auto-centers in the automotive repair segment of Fortaleza / Brazil. In the first phase, were interviewed 15 experts of the sector in two meetings of focus groups, from which emerged six inductor themes related to competitive advantage. These themes guided the second phase of the interviews with entrepreneurs / managers of 13 illustrative cases. The illustrative cases were important to describe mutual inter-relations that show situations up where the themes, it prays antagonistic, that inhibit and reduce his effects, it prays if they complement in the almost passive form and even they compete being stimulated and done so that the competitive advantage is enlarged. The main contribution of this study to propose a framework that aims to facilitate the understanding of this new approach and can be understood as an array of static position in terms of a dialogical vision of competitive advantage in the MBV and RBV.


administracao de empresas planejamento estratÉgico - dissertaÇÕes competitividade - dissertaÇÕes

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