Vamos à cena: quem, onde o que: um estudo sobre jogos teatrais e a prática de professores de arte na escola pública




Our focus on this research are on Spolin Theatre Game System and Art teachers procedures at public school. In order to better understand the universe in which this system belongs, we first present a study about games and improvisational games. Then we verify if teachers graduated in Theatre Arts work with theatre games, as well as how teachers work with them. With this in mind, we interviewed six teacher from different schools about issues concerning Spolin‟s system theory, academic education in Art, continuing education, and their practice with the games. This research took place in the City of Guarulhos, with Theatre teachers from Regional Department of Teaching named Guarulhos North which belongs to The Education Department of the State of São Paulo. In order to gain the data we talked to participant teachers of the research by the means of semi-structured interviews in two different moments: December, 2008 and October, 2009. Besides, we have also interviewed the specialist in theatre studies Professor Mariana Muniz from Federal University of Minas Gerais, and the actress and clown Rhena de Faria member of Cia. do Quintal. The datas from the search showed us important issues teachers have to deal with to work with improvisational games in the public school, such as: the graduating degree in Art; the role of continuing education; school structure and culture difficulties; how familiar teachers are with improvisational games and theatre games as well as Art teaching on contemporary theatre.


theatre games viola spolin ensino de teatro jogos teatrais theatre teaching linguistica, letras e artes improvisation games jogos de improvisação public school prática docente escola pública viola spolin teachers procedures

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