Validation of consumers in services oriented architecture (SOA): a framework to validate legitimacy of service consumers and their access means. / Atestamento em arquitetura aberta de serviços (SOA): um arcabouço para validação de legitimidade dos consumidores de serviços e seus dispositivos de acesso.




In Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) the concern with security has received important focus on solution design as a consequence of intrinsic vulnerabilities at the basis of this new paradigm. This work proposes a framework to secure development of SOA applications, with a special attention to security matters regarding validation of service consumers and its access means. In order to accomplish this goal, it was conducted a research over traditional approaches for security in Web applications, considering that Web platform is definitely dominant for SOA implementation. In this research, validation of service consumers was figured out as a promising area to security enforcement. Validation of service consumers states for a process to verify legitimacy of participants (individuals, hardware and software) in an access chain. As result of this work, it was proposed the framework ASACS designed to control accesses to service providers based on consumers legitimacy validation stages. Such validation stages cover since a check of client stations boot stack layers until a behavioral monitoring to graduate trust levels for each consumer in a network of distributed services. The framework adoption promotes security enforcement while avoiding access from malicious consumers, non legitimate ones or genuine consumers compromised by an attacker. As principal contribution, this framework guides to a structured approach to validate legitimacy of consumers and its programs and access means, requiring higher levels of efforts to an attack attempting violate the security of published services.


soa security web soa web autenticação legitimacy authentication atestamento segurança

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