Utilização da busca Tabu para a geração de um modelo aplicado ao Job-shop scheduling problem considerando um sistema de manufatura flexível / Using Tabu search for the generation of model applied Job-shop scheduling problem considering a flexible manufacturing system




This paper has the aim of generating a scheduling model applied to Job-shop Scheduling Problem in Flexible Manufacturing System, which considers the makespan, total tardiness time, total stop time, total idle time. The model proposed is composed for: (a) an objective function that reflects, through its variables of decision and its weights, the optimization strategies, and (b) arquitecture that is divided in five phases. The model used the Tabu Search algorithm which, through two strategies neighborhoods generation, searching the objective function optimization. The model architecture is based on extraction of production demand, in the Group Technology, in the Dispatching Rules, in the Tabu Search algorithm and save production plan, to deal the Part Selections (Part Families) and Scheduling Problems.Through a study of case, it has been realized several experiments which makes it possible the comparison of optimization strategies and real scheduling, and which proves conflicts in decision variables. For model validation it has been used classic works which propose the solution of Job-Shop Scheduling Problem


flexible manufacturing system busca tabu job-shop tecnologia de grupo group technology famílias de partes sistema de manufatura flexível job-shop part families tabu search ciencia da computacao

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