Uso do protocolo Crestar® em tratamentos utilizando benzoato de estradiol, PGF2alfa, PMSG e GnRH para controle do ciclo estral e ovulação em vacas de corte. / The Crestar® protocol in treatments with estradiol benzoate, PGF2alfa, PMSG and GnRH to control the estrus cycle and ovulation in beef cows.




The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of ovulation using PMSG, GnRH, Estradiol Benzoate and PGF2a in combination with Crestar â protocol and AI at fixed time. Three hundred forty eight multiparous cows, crossbreed Nelore (Bos taurus indicus) X Charolais (Bos taurus taurus) were divided in two groups: 179 suckling cows with calves between 90 to 120 days of age and 169 non-suckling cows. Those cows received a Crestar® protocol for follicular growth synchronization consisting of a subcutaneous implant with 3mg of norgestomet and 3mg of norgestomet plus 5mg of estradiol valerate injection (day of implant insert). The implant was removed after nine days. Cows were submitted to five treatments for pharmacological control of ovulation and were artificially inseminated at fixed time. After follicular growth synchronization cows received the treatments for control of ovulation: T1 - (n=70): injection of physiological solution 48h after implant removal (D 11); T2 - (n=68): 0.75mg of estradiol benzoate 24h after implant removal (D 10); T3 - (n=70): 7.5mg of PGF2a at same day of implant removal (D 9) and 0.75mg of estradiol benzoate 24h after implant removal (D 10); T4 - (n=70): the cows received 500 UI of PMSG at implant removal (D 9) and T5 - (n=70): cows received 500mg of GnRH 48h after implant removal (D 11). Those cows were artificially inseminated 54-56h after implant removal. Pregnancy rate was analyzed by logistical regression program. There were no differences among treatments (P>0.05) 35.7, 31.4, 22.0, 37.0 and 42.8% for T1, T2, T3, T4 and T5, respectively. However, there was difference (p<0,05) between suckling and non-suckling cows (28.4, 39.6%).


animal hormone reprodução animal hormônio animal bovinos de corte ovulation vacas animal reproduction cow estral cycle ciclo estral beef cattle ovulação

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