Uso de ferramentas de comunicação e informação no ensino e na divulgação de técnicas cirurgicas em medicina veterinária




In a scenery where the animal welfare and the proposition of methods which allow the replacement of vivisection are subjects of intense discussion, a study aiming to produce and evaluate the association of auxiliary resources to the teaching of surgery was developed at the UFMG Veterinary School. Thus, multimedia materials concerning ovariohysterectomy in bitches were created to be used by professors during theoretical classes, as well as by students experiencing individualized learning outside school. Also, a video with narrations orienting the steps of the surgery was produced. Moreover, bases of knowledge of a specialist system were created, allowing dialogue with the student about the steps of the surgery. A software showing animations of sutures was developed to complement the information contained in the video and in the specialist system, also to be used to help classes about surgical synthesis. For testing these resources, two groups of students of Surgical Technique, sixth period of the UFMG Veterinary Medicine course, were organized. The first one was submitted to the traditional teaching method, while the second was kept in contact with the above-mentioned didactic material. Quantitative evaluations of performance were made, as well as qualitative ones regarding students perception in relation to the tested material. Although the obtained data shows a discretely superior performance of the students who used the produced material, such difference was not significant. Even so, the analysis of test questions and the instruments of qualitative evaluation employed in this research revealed advantages concerning the use of the tested didactic resources


cirurgia veterinária técnica teses ensino meios auxiliares teses cirurgia veterinária estudo e ensino teses

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