Use of the RFID technology to overcome inefficiencies in the production process: an analysis of a microcomputer company in Ilhéus – Bahia


JISTEM J.Inf.Syst. Technol. Manag.




This paper presents a methodology for the integration of RFID technology into microcomputer assembly companies. Such a technology enables inventory control, tracking of parts/products and customer satisfaction. The methodology was developed to identify and evaluate the production process in an assembly company and to apply the process FMEA to evaluate potential faults and propose improvement actions for the use of RFID technology. The methodology was validated in a company from the Pólo de Informática de Ilhéus/BA. In this study, the viability of RFID technology for inventory control and traceability of the product was confirmed. Among the benefits obtained were the reduction of one of the workers from the inventory team, reduction in the costs of substituting a component, and reduction in lead-time.

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