Use of Disposable Micro Tissue Culture Plates for Antiviral and Interferon Induction Studies


A reproducible test system requiring small amounts of test compound was developed for evaluating antiviral and interferon-inducing activity. In the antiviral experiments, KB cells were grown in disposable polystyrene microplates covered with a standard domestic plastic wrap. Viruses used in the system were types 1 and 2 herpes simplex virus, vaccinia virus, type 3 adenovirus, myxoma virus, pseudorabies virus, type 3 parainfluenza virus, types 1A and 13 rhinovirus, vesicular stomatitis virus, coxsackievirus B, and type 2 poliovirus. Inhibition of viral cytopathogenic effect was the primary criterion of evaluation of antiviral activity. Reduction in cell and supernatant fluid virus titers was used as a secondary means of evaluation. The microplate system was adaptable for determining prophylactic, therapeutic, and inactivating effects against viruses. Mouse L-929 cells were used for the interferon induction studies, with vesicular stomatitis virus utilized as the indicator of interferon activity. Known active compounds evaluated in this microplate system had activity similar to that seen in macro in vitro systems.

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