Ventral abdominal wall defect correction in rats with contaminated meshes


Acta Cir. Bras.




ABSTRACT PURPOSE: To investigate whether there is a difference between Marlex(r) and Dynamesh PP-light Marlex(r) meshes, in the abdominal wall defect correction, on rats in contaminated surgical site. METHODS: Twenty-eight Wistar rats were divided into two groups of 14, and four subgroups of seven animals. All subgroups underwent similar surgical procedure. One group received the mesh Marlex(r) and the other Dynamesh PP-light(r) for correction of the defect. Before implanting, the meshes went through a contamination process, on which was used standard solution containing 10 UFC of Escherichia coli. Fragments of the animal's abdominal wall received macroscopic, microscopic and microbiological analysis. RESULTS: There was no statistical significance in the analysis of macroscopic variables. Accentuated inflammatory process was shown in all subgroups. The foreign body type reaction was mild in all subgroups, except Dynamesh(r)-14, which was moderate with no statistical significance. The microbiological analysis of the meshes was also similar between the subgroups. CONCLUSION: There was no difference between the meshes of Marlex(r) and Dynamesh PP-light(r) in the ventral abdominal wall defect correction on rats in contaminated surgical site.

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