Use of a geographic information system (GIS) in canine rabies control. / Emprego de sistemas de informação geográfica (SIG) no controle da raiva canina.




The size of supervised dog population and its distribution was estimated in Guarulhos, State of Sao Paulo, and correlated with human population and its socio-economic composition. A Geographic Information System (GIS) was built to evaluate spatial location of posts of anti-rabic vaccination campaign in Guarulhos, in the year 2,000. The total canine population in the year 2,000 was estimated by a human population:dog population ratio, obtained by a socio-economic criteria sampling. This ratio is not correlated with socio-economic levels, so that it may be considered a single value, or 5.30 (standard error in 0.27), to Guarulhos Urban Area. In Rural Area, this ratio is 8.16 (standard error in 1.13). Canine population density in censitary sectors was determinated based on human population:dog population ratio. Geographic location of 160 vaccination posts was found, based on an address list, by using a global positioning system (GPS) device. Those points were plotted in a map of Guarulhos, and its influence areas were established by a mean walking distance, or the distance that a dog owner was prone to reach a vaccination post. Canine population was estimated in 193,886 for the year of 2,000. Feline population was estimated in 44,070 in the same year. Comparing these numbers with total vaccinated animals (dogs and cats) in Anti-rabic Vaccination Campaign of 2000, 61.77% of supervised dogs and 38.31% of cats were estimated to be attended. Through thematic maps, spatial coverage of vaccination posts was found to be adequate for Guarulhos, because it covers areas of high animal density. The proportion between genders of canine supervised population was estimated in 1.70, or 1.70 male for each female. The same proportion for feline supervised population, was estimated in 1.44.


rabies sistemas de informação geográfica vacina anti-rábica anti-rabic vaccine raiva estimativa de população population estimate geographic information systems

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