UrbanizaÃÃo turÃstica no litoral sul de Pernambuco: o caso do municÃpio de TamandarÃ




This dissertation constitutes a study, in the scope of the Geography of Tourism, on the relation between tourism and urbanization, from the expansion of the tourism in the South Coast of Pernambuco, more specifically, in the city of TamandarÃ, in order to identify the rationality that surrounds this form of urbanization and its respective space consequences for the tourism. The study is a spatio-temporal analysis, under the perspective of the growth of the tourism and the series of services that it requires for its reproduction; of its use to promote the development local/regional and its capacity to create and to requalify spaces with repercussions in the geographic forms. The process of development of the tourist activity in the studied area is analyzed under the space arrangement that was being structuralized on the basis of the tourist sprouting of the summering houses, equipment, private organizations, communitarian associations, city councils, as well as plans of tourist, economic, urban and social development. In the coastal regions, whose space generally is used for the development of sun and sea tourism, of massive form, verifies a fast environmental and urban transformation resultant of the influence of the tourism in the natural ambient, the social relations and the economy. The South coast of Pernambuco illustrates this process of turistification directed to the consolidation of this region in the global tourist market, implying in the tourism urbanization, that requalify and raises the consumption of the proper space and the offered services, inducing the sprouting of new standards use and occupation of the ground. Tamandarà is distinguished in this context for still presenting a great reserve of natural capital and one strong resistance in the defense of the environment, despite the speed up real estate expansion and the pressures for a bigger tourist development. Thus, it is distinguished the necessity of an integrated and participative management of the tourism to minimize negative impacts and do not only promote economic, but mainly social growth


geografia do turismo geography of the tourism geografia desenvolvimento turÃstico urbanizaÃÃo turÃstica tourism development tourism urbanization

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