URBAN MORPHOLOGY AND ATTRACTIVENESS OF TOURISM DESTINATIONS: the importance of image for understanding the tourism system of Vila de Alter do Chão (Santarém-PA) / MORFOLOGIA URBANA E ATRATIVIDADE DE DESTINAÇÕES TURÍSTICAS: a importância da imagem na compreensão do sistema turístico da Vila de Alter do Chão (Santarém-PA)




The sustainability of a tourist destination is intrinsically linked to the maintenance and/or improvement of the characteristics and attributes which attract the interest of the tourism market and of the tourist. One of these characteristics is the Urban Morphology, which combines the natural and built elements that make up the local space. This research, carried out in the in Village of Alter do Chão in Santarém (Pará Brazil, seeks to understand how the Urban Morphology influences the attractiveness of the tourism destination. The methodology used combines different strategies, to gain a spatial understanding at regional and intra-urban levels, based on the morphological and spatial elements. In addition to this procedure, Discourse of the Collective Subject DCS - was also used. A predominance was observed, of the appropriation of the urban space in the Village by tourists in areas closest to where the occupation of the village first occurred, and other areas overlooking the Tapajós River and the Island; and by residents, in the more interior areas of the Village, around the Praça do Sairé square. However, the two groups cross between both areas. The results also demonstrate the residents views on the importance of tourism for the local economy. The tourists image of destinations in the Amazon region appears to be related to characteristics such as: large preserved natural areas, small riverside village settlements with rural characteristics, such as low population, low density of urban buildings, constructions made from natural materials growing in the region, etc. The tourists interviewed also reported a progressive decrease in tourist interest in the Village, due to the loss of what they consider to be traditional characteristics.


turismo - planejamento tourism space environmental perception alter do chão, santarém (pa) alter do chão, santarém (pa) percepção ambiental urban morphology turismo morfologia urbana espaço turístico

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