Urban expansion and environment in the non-metropolitans cities: the case of Franca-SP / Expansão urbana e meio ambiente nas cidades não-metropolitanas: o caso de Franca-SP




This research analyzes the process of urban expansion of Franca-SP through the approved divisions into lots, of the territorial point of view, from 1925 to 2004, and in the field of the practices, and the relation with the environment question. Assuming that theurban expansion in Franca is intimately related with the aggravation of the principal environment problem - the gully. Reveals the historical course of these subjects to understand, their origins and the constitution of the control mechanisms as well as the trajectory of conflicts and of association, until it formulation as an urban environmental subject. Through a case study, detecting the principal limits on the application practice of the control from urban expansion and the gully, just as the conflicts and agents involved.The outcomes reveals what: the process of urban expansion of Franca, if differentiated diverse appearances from the cities located in the metropolitan areas; what the relation among urban expansion and gully in Franca is detecting after the century XIX, ago even of being formulate like an environmental problem; and lastly, what there is a embodies slow and gradual from thematic environmental bristles organs of city planning of the board of directors municipal and bristles instruments of control from urban expansion, what Franca if reveals like a pioneer tending as an important contribution the participation from the geographers into the process of urban planning.


land division urban expansion environment expansão urbana meio ambiente urban planning planejamento urbano loteamento

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