"Unos tipos de traje y corbata": estilo, trabajo y distinción en los mensajeros en moto de Buenos Aires


Horizontes Antropológicos




The goal of this article is to present the findings of a research done with motor-bikers messengers, focusing on their stylistic production. Work is a central element in this study and this centrality puts the paper in dialogue with traditional style studies, while proposing theoretical adjustments on style studies based on youth and leisure. The messengers produce their style in strongly combination with the job they do which, in turn, is linked to their own senses given to everyday life and work. Thus, the "suit and tie" model is highlighted being it a counter-figure that organizes their symbolic and practice universe. Finally, the article explores the ways these issues are elaborated through a communicative dimension which gives messengers' style an active shape being at the same time constitutive of their everyday job.

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