Una conversación acerca de las relaciones escuela/mercado y sus efectos en la desigualdad


Educação & Sociedade




In this paper, the author imagines a debate, which he moderates, between an advocate of the privatization of education and a supporter of public school. After acknowledging that an educational crisis thwarts the way to better academic achievements, the author opens the debate focusing on the problem of the public and private spheres in terms of the twofold interest at stake in education: the private good of the student and the public good, namely the benefits he brings into society. When such kinds of interests are not sutured, a field of tension emerges and constitutes the core of the crisis. After having each debater expose their respective stance as for the privatization of education, the author proposes four issues he considers as central to the debate of the effects of privatization on social inequality of access to the goods and resources of our society.

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