Uma trajetória estilística do choro: o idiomatismo do violão de sete cordas, da consolidação a Raphael Rabello




This work aims at exploring the stylistic resources of the seven string-guitar in the Brazilian choro. It presents a brief description of the pioneers of choro, which is justified due to the traditional repertoire which the seven-string guitar covers, followed by an analysis of Garotos (Aníbal Augusto Sardinha) guitar contribution, this research deals with the changes of technique and timbre that occurred, mainly during the second half of the 20th century in Brazil, with Dino Sete Cordas and Raphael Rabello. Considered the most important representatives of the seven-string guitar, these musicians had the choro as their musical basis and associated resources from other genres and styles, which strongly contribute to organological and stylistic changes concerning the instrument within the choro. These transformations, which consecrated a way of playing, were meaningful since many instrumental music genres and styles found their reference in the choro. Furthermore, we propose a division of Rabellos work in two periods: one of them refers to the accompaniment phase, which reflects mainly traditional features like those which were consolidated by Dino Sete Cordas; and the second one, when one notices an increasing number of solo pieces in his repertoire, whose virtuosic elements and timbre possibilities are transposed to the accompaniment style of the instrumentalists and singers. Little explored to his contemporaries, those elements make evident a nontraditional style in Rabellos seven-string guitar work. The stylistic innovations will be more comprehended if contextualized by concepts included in the social science field (hybridism and tradition), which underpin the assumption that both styles mentioned coexist peacefully. One verifies, therefore, that the union of styles in Rabello was determinant so that he could become one of the greatest references of the seven string-guitar nowadays.


dino sete cordas violão de sete cordas raphael rabello outros tradition seven-string guitar choro hybridism dino sete cordas choro tradicional raphael rabello hibridismo

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