Uma Recorrente comunidade lusófona : percepções jornalísticas brasileiras e portuguesas acerca do processo de gestação e formalização da CPLP




The aim of the present dissertation is to bring back the debate that occured in the Brazilian and the Portuguese press regarding the Community of the Portuguese Language Countries - CPLP - during the gestation and formalization of such a project - from 1989 to 1997. The work presents an overview of the news reported in the press of both countries, an assessment of the quality and the level of information offered to public opinion, and a pointing out of different views on the CPLP - its continuities and divergences - that appeared in the journalistic discourse in that period. With a view to identifying the perceptions supported by both states - i.e., the frameworks for the idea of the integration of portuguese speaking countries -, the dissertation is based on an approach that prioritizes the mass media, since it is an agent in the development of national public opinion. This dissertation is inscribed within the perceptions studies field and prioritizes the use of quantitative and qualitative approaches to elaborate the main chapters.


press cplp imprensa relações brasil-portugal brazil-portugal relations relacoes i?internacionais, bilaterais e multilaterais cplp

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