Uma proposta para o compartilhamento das responsabilidades sobre as distorÃÃes harmÃnicas




The quality of the electric energy emerges as an area of great interest to both consumers and supply authorities. Searching half the subject prescribed, it is recognized, in the present time, the national and international existence of recommendations, norms and criteria directed toward the orientation of the boundary-values or reference for the diverse pointers that characterize the desired standard of quality. Inside of this context, if a measured harmonic voltage distortion exceeds that which is permitted, mitigation procedures must be promptly considered. These procedures can cause great conflict between the supplier and the consumer due to a lack of consensus on who is the mainly responsible for the harmonic distortions. The objective of this study is to establish a just procedure for sharing the responsibility for actual harmonic voltage distortion at a given point of common coupling between the supplier and the consumer. The methodology is based on the analysis of measured voltage and current signals at the PCC and on information related to the harmonic impedances involved in the process. Both the supply and the load impedances are considered and an approach for coupling with consumer representation is presented. The method is applied to a laboratory arrangement which uses a programmable voltage source in combination with a load comprising linear and nonlinear components. The results highlight the consistence of the proposal when identifying the individual contribution of the supplier and the consumer. By finding the supply and load harmonic contributions it is possible to achieve fairer cost sharing when mitigation procedures are needed to reduce voltage distortion to admissible legislation limits.


engenharia eletrica qualidade da energia load modelling energia elÃtrica - qualidade atribuiÃÃo de responsabilidade modelagem de carga harmonic distortions power quality normas e indicadores de qualidade responsibility attribution distorÃÃes harmÃnicas standards

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