Uma proposta de roteiro para diagnóstico de clusters / Proposal of a clusters diagnosis script




Existing examples of clusters in the whole world prove the effectiveness of the enterprise organization in environment of geographic concentration. Adopting a model of intervention in clusters, the government normally establishes a sequence of activities that starts by the diagnosis and culminates in joint actions and public policies. However, when analyzing the case studies found in literature, are verified that the most adopted method of diagnosis are not guided to the pillars that can support development of cluster. This stimulated the search of a reply to the questions: Which are the factors that influence cluster development? How to elaborate a script of diagnosis guided from these factors? Initially 11 factors that influence cluster development had been found and established a script with questions for the diagnosis of these factors. To analyze the validity of these factors and its application for the cluster diagnosis, a quantitative and qualitative field research was done. In the field research, techniques of participant comment were adopted and interviews were done using semi structuralized questionnaires. The procedure is case study, done in mechanical and metal cluster of Sertãozinho. Were analyzed the relation between the factors and cluster development, as well as the capacity of the instrument in evaluating each factor correctly. In the end of the application, the script had been composed for 10 factors: cooperation; management; competition; suppliers; support and government institutions; people and knowledge; local infrastructure; Innovation; entrepreneurship energy; and communitarian culture. The main contribution of this thesis is the development of a tool that can support the government in its pretension to create joint actions and public policies for the cluster development.


diagnóstico diagnosis script cluster cluster roteiro

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