Uma proposta de gestão de competências para uma rede de compromissos




Organizations have been supported by Information Communication Technology for striving with demands or commitments with more intensity than has occurred in the past. Among the researches that investigates the genesis of the commitments is the engageGrid, a project that proposes a formalization of a commitment network, considering for them a life cycle well defined and composed by stages. Rather than take quantitative approaches to measure skills or mechanisms that trigger real-time learning for competence adaptable to any commitments we have assumed here an ontological approach, based on the assumption that existing knowledge in people can be seen as a tree or portfolio of skills and can be arranged and operated to meet the existing demands. In this case, the characterization of competence not excluded and is given by the declaration of the participating members of their own skills and knowledge, which are assumed to be valid. Together with the definition of the ontology of powers, a new algorithm for the tree of knowledge considering the references in the literature. In addition to the definitions of the competence ontology and the search algorithm, was made a mapping of these low level representations in order to bring the proposition made to a computational perspective, where you can view a real application of the concepts proposed in this research. The ontological definition and the search algorithm proposed as competence management is a different view in relation to other approaches identified in the literature and meet the demands for a perspective network of commitments, in particular for the case of engageGrid. This conclusion is based on the theoretical framework that has supported this research and the belief that commitments tend to success when looking at the statements from individuals, rather than the less effective aspects, for example, the degree of affinity between the compromise proponent and any guests.


busca do expert algoritmos rede de compromissos exatas e da terra tecnologia da informação gerência - desenvolvimento commitments network redes de informação competence ontology ontologia de competência expert finder

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