Uma proposta de estimação de movimento para o codificador de vídeo Dirac / A proposal of motion estimation for Dirac video codec




The main purpose of this work is to design a new algorithm which enhance motion estimation in Dirac video codec. Motion estimation is a critical stage in video coding, in which most of the processing lies. Dirac codec, recently released, is based on techniques different from the usually employed (as in MPEG-based codecs). Dirac video codec aims at achieving efficiency comparable to the best codecs (such as H.264/AVC). This work initially presents comparative studies of state-of-the-art motion estimation techniques and Dirac codec which support the conception of the algorithm which is proposed in the sequel. The proposal consists in the algorithm Modified Hierarchical Enhaced Adaptive Rood Pattern Search (MHEARPS). This presents superior performance when compared to other relevant algorithms in every analysed case, providing on average 79% less computations with similar video reconstruction quality.


videodigital telecomunicações compressão de imagens - codificação mpeg (padrão de codificação de video) compressão de dados (telecomunicações) digital video telecommunications image compression mpeg (video coding standard) data compression (telecommunication)

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