Uma investigação do nível de sustentabilidade das companhias de papel e celulose e a influência das informações financeiras sobre a qualidade da divulgação socioambiental / An investigation of the level of sustainability in companies on cellulose and paper segment and the influence of financial information on quality of environmental and social disclosure




The concept of sustainability has been discussed worldwide and increasingly influenced by the decisions of the market in different countries. Nations, governments, corporations, managers and citizens have had their positions and questions under the expanded views of economic, social and environmental. The spread of a "green" generation has affected not only environmental issues but also become the focus of development information important drivers in the market. In this scenario, corporations of several segments have been given to establish mechanisms of communication with all its range of stakeholders, to consolidate their positions and disseminate responsible practices throughout their supply chain and operational. While the controllers give priority to wealth creation for shareholders, the influence of sustainability spurred managers to justify the means to get to profit from the extraction of raw materials to shipment of finished products. It is observed, in this context, that begin to appear the first distinctions between companies. Faced with the question of who does it more and the necessary conditions for this, came the objective of this work: to investigate the level of environmental responsibility of companies in the pulp and paper. There will be the determination of the level of compliance of companies in the pulp and paper model of the sustainability report of the Global Reporting Initiative - GRI, and the confrontation of this level of compliance with financial reporting by companies of the sample, such as billing, debt, cost of debt and efficiency in the generation of resources to verify whether it is possible to establish the relationship between these variables. Of companies affiliated to the Brazilian Association of Pulp and Paper - Bracelpa, seven have sustainability report and financial data available to the public why it was taken as evidence of this study. This research is based on information from the Annual Reports Sustainability analyzed the period 2007 and 2008 and the Annual Reports s of the same periods. In the reports mentioned, were also extracted information from the websites of companies. This is a search for exploratory-descriptive study based on documentary analysis. It was concluded that the contemplated have not been confirmed by all the elements that made up the sample and, although the selected companies have made progress in making their reports, transparency could be higher.


paper and cellulose profitability sustainability sustentabilidade rentabilidade celulose e papel

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