Uma contribuição para manejo dos resíduos da construção e demolição no município de São José dos Campos - SP / A contribution to managemente of the construction and demolition waste (CDW) on the municipal district of São José dos Campos-SP


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The civil construction has great relevance for the Brazilian economy in the productive chain, but the deriving waste from this activity and reforms in residences, condominiums, schools, repairs and demolitions in buildings etc., provoke social environment impacts. First by wastefulness of no renewable raw material and by decreasing the capacity of use in the disposal areas, also diseases caused for the contamination in the boot areas it are; later, for the raised costs for the municipal district with transportation for the removal of these materials of the clandestine areas in the final disposal. For such reasons, the purpose of this work is to suggest a preventive and educative ways, with a basic orientation contained in the spelling book to contribute for the population awareness. It is proposed the adoption of new practices with changes in attitude to minimize the harmful impacts caused by construction and demolition, through education, even if it does not happen immediately, because changes in attitudes in an educational process are always gradual, but persist and bring new procedures for the restoration of degraded environment. That adds other values as the practice of "selective dismantling", that is, the planned deconstruction of buildings Resolution 307 of the National Council of Environment, to substitute the demolition without criteria. In this process of awareness of the workers of the civil construction and the population, it is considered reduction of residues generation and ambient impacts e, the costs that they cause for the municipal district of São José dos Campos, having as future result, the restoration of the degraded environment.


educação ambiental construção civil resíduo de rcd desenvolvimento sustentável environmental education civil construction residue (cdw) sustainable development impacts minimization residuos solidos, domesticos e industriais

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