Uma análise da influência do parecer dos auditores independentes com ressalvas em decisões de usuários das informações contábeis




The use of accounting information is associated to its credibility. Accordingly, the audit report, the auditors final work, can represent the means to offer this element. Therefore, this research aimed at verifying whether a qualified audit report interfere in investment and finance decisions, involving possible users of accounting information. To that end, an questionnaire was used to collect data, composed of 9 questions, 3 referring to the identity of the answering party and 6 referring to the analysis of the company, accompanied by the Joao Forte Engenharia or Construtora Sultepa companys accounting information. However, half of those answering received the information without the audit report. The sample was constituted by students from Accounting Science courses, who were attending or had already attended the subject of Financial Statements Analysis, from 5 of the 19 private higher education institutions in the Distrito Federal, which are authorized to offer the course cited, in a total of 207 questionnaires. The averages of the scores attributed to the companys risk, performance and to the reliability of accounting information were compared using the Students t-test. The frequencies of answers to the questions about the disposition to indicate the buying of shares or to concede credit to the analyzed company, as well as about the sufficiency of the information made available to answer the questions of the questionnaire, were compared by means of the Chi- Square test. Moreover, the analysis of the reasons given by those who answered the questionnaire, in relation to the sufficiency of available information, was performed by means of an analysis of content. The results found showed that the perception of those who answered in relation to the analyzed companys risk and performance was not altered by the presence of a qualified audit report, as it was not possible to refute the hypotheses that the averages of the scores attributed by those who answered were statistically equal. The presence of a qualified audit report did not even alter the disposition of the answering parties in indicating the acquisition of shares and in conceding credit to the analyzed companies, the majority of those who did not receive the audit report having considered the available information sufficient to answer the questions. The only influence observed is in relation to the reliability attributed to Construtora Sultepas accounting information, seeing as the Students ttest indicated a larger reliability among those who received the complete information. A similar behavior was not observed among those who received the information on the Joao Fortes Engenharia company. In view of the results found, we can conclude that in general terms the presence of a qualified audit report did not interfere in the perception of the answering parties, however, additional studies, which allow for the generalization of the results presented here, are necessary. Thus, we suggest the application/reapplication of this research extending the sample of the study to other localities/institutions, and to the professionals in the market, using different types of qualified opinions as well (adverse and/or with abstention of opinion).


auditoria ciencias contabeis decision making audit audit report tomada de decisão parecer dos auditores independentes

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