Um resgate do teatro nacional: o teatro brasileiro nas revistas de São Paulo (1901-1922) / A ransom of the national theater: the Brazilian theater in the journals of São Paulo (1901-1922)




The objective of this work is to present a study, of historical and critical matrix, on the Brazilian theater, from inquiry carried out in the magazines of the city of Sao Paulo. On basis of the gathered data, like news and criticism of theater, it was carry out analyze of the theatrical activity of this beginning of century, and rethought its contributions, social paper, and apparent stagnation - so spread by intellectuals. The interpretative study is presented in the volume I. In the volume II there is a rate of the consulted magazines, containing a synthesis of the relative subjects to the theater, boarded by writers and intellectuals of this period.


magazines of são paulo city teatro brasileiro operetta teatro de revista mário de andrade teather of magazines mário de andrade opereta periódicos paulistas brazilian theater

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