Um olhar sobre o patrimônio histórico-arquitetônico de Assú/RN: análise com base na percepção dos usuários e no ponto de vista técnico




This research analyzes the actual Historic-Architectural Heritage of Assú City which is located in Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil, the study is based on both Assús residents perception and technicians viewpoint. It looks forward to expose this communitys relationship with the existing number of historic buildings, the scale of peoples identity to the place and the association of this perception toward the preservation and conservations scale of the historic settlement. Since the contextualization of the degradations process of central areas, the study draw nea initially the conceptual aspects, focusing on the debate about heritage and the preservationist practice. The work complements the discussion through an approach on people-environment relationship and environmental perception, considering relevant factors for planning process. The obtained and presented data had diagnosed the condition of the architectural pile and also allowed this work to formulate recommendations for the studied area and architectural set in order to contribute for future urban politics implementation that consider the building, which are not only important to the considered population, but to the Rio Grande do Nortes History, as well


environmental perception preservação planejamento person-environment relationship percepção ambiental preservation patrimônio arquitetura e urbanismo urban planning urban design relação pessoa- ambiente projeto urbano heritage

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